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Employment Hotline: (225) 800-5258


Our search for quality throughout our organization extends to the hiring process. All applicants are subject to an extensive interview, a complete pre-employment physical with a physical capabilities test and a drug screen. Our safety program covers all aspects of the hazards of working on the river, from back injury to chemical exposure.

Carline Management Company, Inc. has always maintained an excellent safety program. It has been found that incentives are good in keeping everyone’s mind focused on safety. Each vessel employee is eligible for a $10.00 per day quarterly bonus if the employee and the vessel they are riding meets the inspection requirements.

It is the policy of Carline Management Company, Inc. and its subsidiary companies at all of our locations to subscribe to the principles of equal opportunity. Carline does not discriminate against any individual regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental handicap or disability, veteran status, or because he/she is a disabled veteran and to conform to applicable laws and regulations.

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