With the right equipment and qualified employees to get the job done, the Carline Companies are ready to handle any job. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the many areas where we offer our services. If you have a special need which is not listed or would like a quote on a job, you can Contact Us.

Carline Companies


“A broad and all-encompassing program to ensure safe and timely delivery of the owner’s barges” – That is Carline’s definition of Fleet Management. Successful fleet management requires much, much more than just a boat. Almost anyone with a boat can shift a few barges and fleet them in the river. Carline can consistently deliver the top quality service that an operator needs and demands. Carline can deliver the service when others cannot because we are dedicated to move the barge.

Our fleets are located on the Lower Mississippi River in Burnside (LMR 169), Geismar (LMR 183), and Plaquemine (LMR 204). We offer Fleeting, Shifting and Standby services from each of these locations.

Carline Companies

Barge Movement

We track a barge throughout its trip in our operations office. Upon arrival in the fleet it is tendered to the proper dock. When it is ready to go, we are busy coordinating a ride to ensure it reaches the next destination on time. We have developed a “team approach” that brings together the full resources of our various companies to complete the job as required.

Carline is a Multi-boat, Multi-fleet, operation offering continuous barge moves between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We operate between New Orleans and Houston on the Intracoastal Waterway and will work with outside companies if your barges final destination is out of our geographic area of operation.

Carline Companies


Carline Repair is located at our main office in Geismar, Louisiana. Our 1100 ton dry dock and service department are at the heart of our repair services. We offer barge and boat topside repairs as well as dry dock inspections and repairs. Barges are fleeted at our Geismar Fleet (LMR 183) while they or the vessel towing them are being repaired. Our fleet boat will move the barges to the repair dock when the service team is ready to begin work. Our complete control over the fleet and the repair facility ensures that the repairs will be completed correctly and timely. We understand that “barge days” equal money.

Carline Companies


In addition to the boats and barges, Carline owns several additional pieces of equipment which are available to assist as the need arises.

  • 1100 ton Dry dock
  • 72 ton Sumitomo Crane and flat top barge
  • 30 ton Grove crane 
  • 20 man crew quarter barge
  • Several small deck barges

Our reputation speaks for itself...

“Carline has always been available to us when we are met with uncontrollable circumstances.  No matter what the problem, they go the extra mile to make sure we are taken care of.  Somehow these guys make you feel like you are the only dock on the river.”

David Craft, Total

“I want to thank everyone that was involved with the loading of 18 Savage barges for Cleco at Waterloo/Geismar on July 21st/22nd.  This has been our best offload since we started this operation.  It took us 20 hours and 10 minutes from the arrival time to releasing the spacer barges. From the time the vessel arrived to releasing the spacer barges we averaged 1 hour and 7 minutes per barge. Just discharge and swapping out of barges was 17 hours and 53 minutes from the time we started discharging to the completion of the 18th barge. We average 59 minutes and 37 seconds per barge that including swapping out of barges.  With this being only our forth voyage it was a great accomplishment. Again I want to thank everyone involved with this operation.”

Tom Godin, Vulcan Materials Company

“I just want to say thank you for getting our empties down to Dockside for the Atlan Frauke on Friday.  I know last week was a challenge for everyone with the fog issues.  Thank you for making the special effort to get our empties down before everyone was shut out from fog again that night (I kept in contact with Dockside Friday evening checking on the progress and was very relieved when the dispatcher told me the boat had arrived with the empties and the fog had not yet rolled in!)  Because of your efforts and the efforts of the crews on the m/v CSS Atlanta and CSS Palmetto State, the Stevedore was able to pull those barges in to load shortly after their arrival and ship demurrage did not become an issue for Volunteer Barge.  Not only did the barges load on time, as a matter of fact, these barges are already headed northbound to their destination!  Thanks for assisting Volunteer Barge in our quest to provide excellent service to our customers!  Please thank your crews for their assistance as well!”

Lisa E. Boone, Volunteer Barge & Transport

"I wanted to personally thank Carline for the tremendous job done on Friday, June 13, 2003, towing our barge, the Chem 104.Carline has always provided excellent service to Cytec, when called upon. This time, you even exceeded your usual outstanding service. We were in a very serious situation, facing delays on not only one vessel, but possibly two vessels, due to delayed delivery of the Chem 104. Until Carline stepped in, at my request, the earliest ETA of the barge at our dock was 12 noon on Saturday the 14th.The Carline team made special arrangements for pulling the barge from the fleet in Baton Rouge, saving valuable travel time. As a result, the barge arrived at our dock at 10:30 p.m. on Friday, June 13, 2003. Not bad for a “Friday the 13th”, especially since I didn’t contact Carline dispatch until 9:00 a.m. that morning. A great big “THANKS” to the all the Carline employees involved in this movement, please extend our appreciation to all those who had a role in this delivery.”

Monica Caillet, Cytec