Blog Post 5

TWIC Renewal

Posted by Jason on September 22, 2010

Good afternoon,

I received the following information concerning the TWIC renewal questions sent to TSA on behalf of the Baton Rouge Area Maritime Security Committee.

- The TWIC renewal fee will remain the same as the initial application fee.

- The same documents and information required during the initial application
process will be needed.

- Applicants will have the same opportunity as they currently do to
pre-enroll on-line, to mimumize the time spent at the enrollment site.

- Facility representatives should reach out and remind their employees to be
aware of the expiration date on their cards and plan to renew well ahead.
Workers can renew at any time but should apply for renewal no later than 60
days prior to expiration.

- TSA and Lockheed-Martin have indicated that they are preparing, and will
have, an adequate number of enrollment sites (Mobile sites included) to
accommodate the renewal surge.

I would like to encourage all of our industry partners to continue to inform their employees and contractors of these developments. From my understanding, the pre-enrollment can be performed beyond the recommended 60
days. I would encourage that pro-active approach, especially for those cards that have an earlier expiration date. This will give adequate time to schedule the necessary TWIC enrollment site visit and also allow ample
processing time. Please continue to send any concerns and questions concerning the TWIC renewal to my attention.


Harold Hebert
USCG MSU Baton Rouge
Port Security Specialist