Caffeine CEMS Article

Posted by Jason on April 20, 2011

Caffeine is a stimulant drug. For caffeine to serve as an alertness boost, it must be consumed at low levels and only when needed. High doses of caffeine can result in increased anxiety, lack of concentration and digestive disorders. Some people develop a greater sensitivity to caffeine and experience these symptoms even at low doses.

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Confined Space Safety

Posted by Jason on September 22, 2010

Confined spaces can be very hazardous. They may appear to be clean and safe. This appearance may lure you into a false sense of security. In reality, a confined space may lack sufficient oxygen, contain toxic gases or even explosive vapors.

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Fleet Maintenance

Posted by Scott on October 22, 2013

Because of their efficiency, barges are the primary mode of commercial cargo transportation. Unfortunately, from time to time, barges break free from their moorings or towing arrangements and are swept down the river, potentially wreaking havoc to the river system until they are either corralled by assisting towing vessels or salvaged (if the barges have sunk). There are two primary locations where barge break-aways occur: either at a fleeting facility or from a towing vessel underway.

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Is Subcharter M going to take your license

Posted by Lew on September 30, 2011

The short answer is probably not, but in this article I will tell several ways that it will affect you, your vessel and your license renewal. 

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TWIC Renewal

Posted by Scott on November 2, 2011

I received the following information concerning the TWIC renewal questions sent to TSA on behalf of the Baton Rouge Area Maritime Security Committee.

- The TWIC renewal fee will remain the same as the initial application fee.

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Vessel Visitor Safety Briefing

Posted by Matt on December 22, 2011

I just want to send a reminder out to all vessel crewmembers that Carline requires you to review the Vessel Visitor Safety Briefing with all non-crewmembers that board your vessel.  This includes other Carline employees, vendors, suppliers, inspectors, divers, U.S. Coast Guard personnel, etc. 

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